Cheap is a popular word!

It seems we’re all looking for something cheap. We all like a good deal. When I googled the word “cheap,” I got 396 million results in .32 seconds. Cheap shoes, cheap flights, cheap restaurants, cheap hotels, cheap cars, cheap gas, cheap cell phones, cheap art… the list is endless. Since I wrote my last blog post, Cheap … Continue reading Cheap is a popular word!

A Thanksgiving Letter to Divorce

Dear Divorce, God hates you. I hate you. I’ve both shaken my fists at you in disbelief and cried in shame at your feet. I’ve alternately denied your presence and let your darkness completely define me. You’ve delighted in my accusations, anger, and sorrow. You know I find you to be a despicable enemy. You’re a thief who … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Letter to Divorce