51AUmFa8JNL._AA160_1. Michael Youssef was my minister at Church of the Apostles when I lived in Atlanta, GA. He is Egyptian by birth and still has family and a ministry, Leading the Way, in the Middle East (and Europe). His unique perspective is an excellent source to sort out what’s true about Islam and Middle Eastern politics.

He is also unapologetically preaches the whole counsel of the Bible. If you can’t go to church or need a little inspiration, you might want to check out his archive of live sermons.

2. Emily P. Freeman – Chatting at the Sky

3. Ann Voskamp– One thousand Gifts

4. I liked this article — haven’t checked out the whole blog

5. a fresh voice, Jen Hatmaker

6. Ed Hague – once my minister and a great guy who happens to have cancer

7. Love this one about special group of women (we all need those)

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