Alligator Point, FL
Alligator Point, FL

by Louise Wight Murphy

Hey and welcome to my Pink Reflections!

In this blog I do my best not to tidy up the stories of my life. I try to be tastefully honest and thoroughly authentic. It’s hard enough in today’s crazy busy world — we don’t need to live under the impression that every body else has it all together and figured out. 

My writing isn’t meant to be advice for Christian living — I’m not even on the bus toward theologian or saint. I am a stumbling, searching, desperate, changing, grateful, sojourner. Someone trying not to be churchy, but to love and know Jesus and to follow His purposes for my life.

I definitely haven’t arrived — and believe commitment to the journey is the destination until heaven. I do feel the tension between what the Bible says and how my cushy story reads. When He created me, I think God had something different in mind than I’ve allowed.

why not make it pretty? intersection in Sorrento, Italy

I’ve believed the world too much and trusted God and HIs Word too little.

I’m committed to being open to change, struggle and sacrifice as I seek to discover what God’s purposes are for me. I’ve lived just enough to know it is SO worth it to seek Him. He is faithful to restore and renew all I offer to Him — and in surrender, I’ve found joy I never knew before!

Even after many edits, it’s hard to push the publish button. Usually God’s refining work isn’t accomplish when I’m feeling strong and competent.  God molds me at my lowest, ugliest, most difficult moments — where He can work miracles attributable to none other than His hand.

I offer my stories, because sometimes it’s easier for others to relate to a fellow hot-mess than an authority on life. I love hearing your comments and experiences  — we’re all on this journey together.

Why Pink Reflections? I love sunsets and sunrises — anywhere, but especially at the beach where the blue waters appear many shades of pink as they receive and reflect all that God is accomplishing in the sky. Isn’t that what life’s about?

I adore a little place lost in time; Alligator Point is the beach in most of my pictures. It has been my sanctuary and a source of continuity for all of my life.


Alligator Point from 10,000 feet up

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  1. Hi Louise,
    My mom recently told me that you had a blog. I’ve been enjoying reading it. I hope you’ll send me regular email updates when you post. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the inspirational posts that cause me to think and ponder and gently remind me of what is truly important.
    Someday, I hope that I am blessed enough to maybe visit you and Rob. Alligator point looks like a dream…
    Tauni (Rob’s sis)

    1. Thank you, Tauni. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. I’m sorry I missed your message. Rob just told me you wrote, so I searched for your email address. I get mostly SPAM, instead of real messages. I’ve had to delete over 12,000 SPAM messages, so I know I’ve missed a few real ones by mistake. 🙁 I hope you can come this way sometime — we would love to see you and share Alligator Point with you! I’ll send you an alert when I write again!

  2. So enjoyed rhe site and the readings. Hope I continue to receive them. Thank you for your open honest bone bari ng wriings…
    Glinda Majors

    1. Glinda —
      Thank you for the encouragement and for wanting to read them! “Open honest and bone baring” is my hope. To share all the great things God is doing with my weakness. 😉 I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Louise

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